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An idea, a project

Jessika Marleau

Laine-o-Fil is born from an idea, a project to make up for a lack of resource. I am a young entrepreneur, and I discovered crochet a bit more than a year ago. I found a new passion, and I was taking on harder and more complex projects as time would pass. I wanted to learn more about the yarn I was using, and eventually wanted to find a way to get the perfect yarn for my projects. The solution: prepare the yarn myself by dyeing and spinning my own yarn. That is when I encountered a problem, there is a shortage of resource available in Montreal. Already wanting to be an entrepreneur, I not only found the perfect project, but something that I held close to my heart.

My goal is to open a fiber arts workshop with a boutique that would provide the necessary materials for the workshop. The workshop would have all the equipment necessary for yarn making, from dyeing equipment, to fiber preparation and spinning equipment, and all the necessary equipment to use that yarn, such as weaving looms, crochet and knitting equipment. The space and equipment will be available to clients to rent, they will have the workspace needed as well as the equipment to work on their projects, alone or with others. I want this workshop to be a place where people can gather, and a teaching and learning opportunity for people who want to learn more and work on new projects. The boutique would have all the necessary materials for the workshop, from a great variety of fibers and dyes, to accessories and equipment. I want to make fiber preparation equipment and spinning equipment available to the people of Montreal. The bigger equipment, such as looms and spinning wheels, will be available in catalog and will be delivered all around Quebec.

Starting this project is ambitious, especially alone. I am confident that I can succeed and will use all that is in my arsenal to do so. With this blog and social media, I will be able to keep you updated on all the new developments for the business.

Looking forward to seeing you again!